01/25/2012 GI+S Engaged by Sodium Brand Solutions to deliver Strategy & Team Building Solutions – Accra, Ghana

January 30, 2012

Sodium Brand Solutions hired Global Insights + Solutions to

Conduct a  strategic session to examine and analyze the current challenges facing Sodium Brand Solutions and develop a number of strategic initiatives and plans to position the company for growth in 2012 and beyond

To engage in leadership development, team managment skills

To revitalize and energize the workforce for superlative performance in 2012 and beyond.

Relax, Have Fun and get to know each other better and team bond

Create an innovative, intellectual but fun experience for all staff members.

3 responses to “01/25/2012 GI+S Engaged by Sodium Brand Solutions to deliver Strategy & Team Building Solutions – Accra, Ghana”

  1. Oluwole Adebayo says:

    “I’d like to commend you for a good training programme you
    facilitated for Sodium Brand Solution. The content of your training was
    not only enriching; it was timely considering the situation of the
    company. Your training approach and your communication style are superb. I
    don’t know what other participants may think but I will say that you blew
    my mind.”

  2. We at Sodium are still in the euphoria of the Ghana retreat. It was great, and our chairman could not stop saying ‘it was money well spent’. We are very much in awe of how well you managed to bring us to know a lot about ourselves and our brand (Sodium). I am particularly impressed with your ability to manage people, for inspite of our differences; you were able to coordinate us almost effortlessly. Again, the team building initiatives and games were breath-taking. Indeed, the insights you offered us will be a great pushing for us as we continue the search for our inevitable success. Karl, you simple are the best. Bravo!

  3. Tunji Jaji says:

    It was a worthwhile experience,the facilitator took us through a journey,sharing with us insights and valuable information from his wealth of experience,i will attend a training conducted by this organization again if given the opportunity.