Suya Customer Service in Lagos, Nigeria

October 22, 2013

A few moments ago after a long day, craving suya (delicious Nigerian
charcoal grilled sticks of beef in dry pepper and other spices ), I went to the Suya spot on Glover road, Ikoyi, Lagos. As I drove to the spot it started to rain cats, dogs and goats with thunder and lightning, Surprisingly as I drive up to the Suya spot the Mai Suya’s (suya seller) apprentice came out to meet me car side with an umbrella, rambled off what was on the menu and took my order, 10 minutes later he comes back with my order – hot well grilled suya with onions and peppers, nicely packed straight to my car at no extra charge. I didn’t have to step out or get wet. Needless to say I am a happy customer.

It’s really the small things that make a difference.

Karl Omatsola, October 2013

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