Social reengineering of Nigeria

May 30, 2013

Five weeks ago while waiting on a flight from MMA – Lagos, I overheard some chap say ..”what Nigeria needs is comprehensive Social Reengineering”, interesting I thought, mulled, and inwardly agreed with him, even though I wasn’t quite sure what he meant specifically, but I got the general gist. Since that encounter I’ve been
researching what this concept means in light of the Nigerian context but have not found the right definition that hit the “spot”, so I created my own definition in the context of what Nigeria needs; Social Reengineering – The fundamental rethinking and radical redesign of our social and economic structure, values, culture and norms to achieve dramatic transformation.

In a nutshell, how we socially reengineer the nation, is one of the biggest challenges for Nigeria. I am trying to use the different ideas, models and frameworks such as the 8 step process for change etc., to think through and maybe develop some hypothesis but if find them desperately inadequate for the complexity that plagues that nation…what are your thoughts on how to socially reengineer the nation based on the definition I gave above…ideas and solutions are welcome and appreciated.

Karl Omatsola, May 2013

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